The top issue facing companies with mobile employees is not the complex tax rules but the difficulty with tracking mobile employees and getting good mobility data.

SPS'/GZ's Solution is eMobileTrax:

A web application to help apply taxes to equity and cash compensation for mobile employees across every state in the U.S. and around the world.

Who eMobileTrax is for:

  • Any company with at least 5 mobile employees who travel state-to-state or globally
  • U.S. companies with employees outside the state of the corporate headquarters
  • U.S. companies with overseas employees who travel to the corporate headquarters or within the U.S.

Why is eMobileTrax a great solution to mobile tracking:

  • COMPLIANCE: A scalable solution for companies who are looking to comply with withholding and reporting requirements for mobile employees
  • AVOIDANCE OF PENALTIES: Avoid tax penalties from state & global jurisdictions, as well as the financial burden and loss of productivity accompanied by these common tax audits
  • EASE OF USE: A very user-friendly interface for both employees and administrators
  • SPEED: Checking in or out of eMobileTrax is quick for employees and can be accomplished within 60 seconds
  • INTERFACE WITH EQUITY AWARDS: Marries the mobile data with equity transactions to capture information for equity and cash compensation tax calculations
  • AUDIT TRAIL: Obtain an audit trail efficiently and easily with exportable reports
  • INTERNAL TRACKING: Assistance for companies with travel planning and overhead allocation for mobile employees
  • EXPENSE REPORTS: Assistance for employees and administrators with expense reporting function by providing information on places and dates of travel
  • PRICE: One low annual fee that includes maintenance and support (priced for even small companies to be able to afford)
  • TIME SAVINGS: A proactive solution to save the company valuable time

To Download our eMobileTrax information sheet click here.